Similar to the PVP’s architecture, entering in service with the French army, the PVP XL was designed as a highly versatile protected platform capable of carrying eight fully-equipped soldiers in addition to the two-men crew or various C4ISR systems. Its armour achieves level 3 of the Nato Stanag and its ground clearance, as well as the shape of the hull, confers good protection against mines
5,382 mm  
    Tare weight
7,000 kg   
2,500 mm  
3,000 kg   
2326 mm  
3,550 mm  
  Number of seats
2 to 10   
   Max. power
   Max. speed
   Angle of incidence
   Descent angle
   Side slope
   Grade ability
   Cruising range
  3,200 cm3 Diesel turbo
270 hp
120 km/h
55 °
55 °
30 °
60 %
1,200 mm
800 km (at 90 km per hour)