Selected by the French Army, the PVP has been developed to be the future liaison and protected security tactical vehicle.

The initial requirement of the French Army is for over 900 PVP but the figure of 1,500 could be required both to meet the need and because of its excellent cost / quality ratio.

Essentially designed to carry out protected tactical liaison missions, the PVP can fill a large panoply of roles such as escort, patrol and command vehicles.

The PVP has excellent mobility owing to a power to weight ratio of over 34 hp per tonne.

The Gavial, a five-door version developed for the German Army, can be loaded in a CH-53 helicopter thanks to its pneumatic suspension.

4,599 mm  
    Tare Weight
4,390 kg  
2,277 mm  
965 kg  
2,170 mm  
3,000 mm  
  Number of seats
2 to 4 depending on missions   

   Max power
   Max speed
   Angle of incidence
   Descent angle
   Side slope
   Cruising range
  160 ch
2,800 cm3 Diesel turbo
120 kph
535 mm
800 km