This highly stealthy Véhicule d’Action dans la Profondeur (deep penetration vehicle) was developed to conduct special operations deep inenemy territory (reconnaissance, target designation, targetted action, evacuation, etc.) in extreme geographical and climatic conditions. The VAP has a useful payload of 1500kg’ enabling it to take on a very wide range of tasks : it can carry up to four men on missions of long duration and can be fitted with a variety of different weapon systems and the latest generation of observation, tracking and communications equipment. Fitted with an armoured floor, the VAP has good anti-mine protection. The vehicle, which has aroused the interest of the special forces of several countries world-wide, has undertaken a long series of validation trials in operational conditions. The VAP is ready for series production.
3,925 mm  
    Empty weight
2,500 kg   
2,020 mm  
1,500 kg   
1,725 mm  
2,700 mm  

   Max speed
   Angle of attack
   Exit angle
   Cross-slope max
  2.1l turbo diesel STEYR
130 hp
BVA 4 gears + transfer box 2 gears / 4x4 permanent
120 kph
700 km
CTIS 1,100 x 16 x 8L